Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The LOST Island Map

Check out this map of the LOST island, made by a professional cartographer, at this link.

Go ahead and skip the comments, however. Something about comments brings out the people who get pleasure out of typing "LOST was bad"; at the same time, few comments are made about why so many people watched it for so long. Remember how a few posts back I mentioned that the comments were an example of the Internet working like it should? Well, this is the opposite.

Was Harry Potter this way? Because I feel like Harry Potter explained things about as well as LOST, and I don't remember this general vitriol toward the series after it ended.


Deanna said...

The difference between Harry Potter and LOST is that HP had a happy ending that people could understand. At least, that's my opinion (having never watched LOST).

Ben McFarland said...

Ok, but that puts the problem with the "twist" in the final episode. But there's always been a "twist" in LOST and the final twist was one that honestly no one expected.

I think people are upset because they didn't expect it! After being "twisted" 3 or 4 years in a row, why would people be surprised at the end?

I still think in terms of "explanation" that HP gets a free pass because it's magic and people were expecting more from LOST because it had scientific elements. Which is wrong (IMHO!) because if LOST were scientifically explainable it would instantly cease to be a good story (and would be inconsistent with the series).

It's fine to complain about the twist (a la BSG) but anyone who watched the show should've expected it, and I think they pulled that off even with everyone expecting it. That's impressive.

Juliet said...

All I know about Lost is that there's a character named John Locke. The only reason I know this is because we have a friend named John Locke. Before the series, once a week or so he'd tell people his name and they'd say, "Oh, like the philosopher?" Now every day it's, "Oh, like the guy on Lost?" Lost could be the greatest show ever (maybe it is and I will find out when I watch it on DVD, since I usually only discover TV series after they're over) and I would still take that as a sign of the degradation of our country's intellectual culture.

I'm not really sure I understood the ending to Harry Potter, but I am dense like that.