Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Symposium Lecture Posted

This summer my colleague in psychology called together a few of us interested in science and asked if we'd like to give a symposium for "Darwin Day" (depending on who you ask, either the anniversary of Darwin's birth or the publication of the Origin of Species). The thing grew to five hour-plus sessions and even then felt like it didn't have enough time. My 15 minutes of semi-fame are in the "biological sciences" section, and I'm in the middle, between Eric Long's talk and Tim Nelson's. I probably am focusing on a scientific audience a bit much but am trying to make my case for a general audience!

I just regret that the Q&A isn't on there (although that's partially my fault -- long story!), because that's where we really addressed the faith/science overlap. Here it's (mostly) all about the science. Discussion of the overlap will come in the upcoming Weter Lecture!

Here is the link to the iTunesU page with all the sessions.

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