Thursday, December 10, 2009

Handy Blog Cheat Sheet

Welcome new visitors of all stripes and persuasions. Apparently no one wants to debate a book review of Odd and the Frost Giants (or even Knowing Christ Today) but ID is on everyone's mind. The main point I'd like to make here is that there's LOTS of posts on this blog and if you have questions about me or what I believe or why, here's a road map for where to start:

1.) "What do you know/believe about creation?"
On the sidebar you'll see a series of posts titled Eight Days of Creation that address this. If you can make it through all that ... you'll get a certificate. :) The RJP Williams book I am thinking about now is called The Chemistry of Evolution. It's cool. But it's expensive. Try a library, I did! Another good book is The Open Secret by Alister McGrath. It's reviewed somewhere here too.

2.) "What do you know/believe about Jesus?"
Funny, this comes up in Day Eight and the final post of the Eight Days of Creation. (Day Seven has some useful stuff too.) I recommend reading them all in order but if you're pressed for time, give it a try. (Snarky comments about religion are most appropriate for those posts, if you'd like to save time and avoid reading something new. Anybody wishing to be taken seriously in a debate about religion should at least familiarize yourself with N.T. Wright's amazing book Resurrection of the Son of God. It's long but it's a great (and surprisingly readable) academic work.)

3.) "Why are you doing this?"
My very first post ("This is not a blog") has something along these lines, but I suggest clicking randomly. If you get a large enough "n" of posts you'll probably find something that annoys you. But you may find something you like, who knows?

I ask myself question #3 myself sometimes. I'm going to have to be a bit hands-off for the next few days as I grade finals and write lectures/presentations and build some proteins, so please don't take lack of personal response personally. I'm just throwing this out there and seeing what happens, as Bill Mallonnee sang: "You sew your heart onto your sleeve // and wait for the axe to fall."

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Deanna said...

Wait a minute... I read all of the Creation posts when they were written and I got nothing! I did my homework on time! I demand a certificate! ;)