Friday, September 25, 2009

TV Review: The Lost Room

The Lost Room is a 6-part miniseries that showed on SciFi (now SyFy) network, and its real title should be Lost for People Who Don't Have Time for Lost. It's got a similarly interesting premise and of course isn't nearly so convoluted or referential as Lost but in the wait till January for the final season, this miniseries fills in the "weird TV show" slot nicely. And it's only 4-5 hours of watching to commit to. The first hour is actually a bit weak but it really picks up steam with the second hour, when the "rules" by which the several "objects" operate begin to be combined in really interesting ways. The show was like a good comic book, very plot-driven and if anything a little thin on the characters but if it took more time on characters it'd be more than 6 hours long, now, wouldn't it?

Some have complained that it's great till the very end and I can't figure out quite why. The end is a little bit stock, but there's some things about it that are different that I liked. The ultimate "reason" for the strange happenings isn't explained, but it's an open universe. The character arcs are all nicely tidied up, which is really all you should expect.

So -- it takes about as much time as watching 2 long movies, and it's more inventive than most. Highly recommended.

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It's available on DVD from amazon and netflix by the way.