Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not Just For Bears Anymore

A company called Plantware and a team from Tel Aviv University are working to make a "living house" grown out of a tree. They call it ecoarchitecture. Here's a picture:


Oh, wait, that's wrong. HERE's the real picture:


Oops, I did it again. That's actually Alan Lee's depiction of the tree Hunding's Hall is built from in Wagner's Ring Cycle. (Note to self: find more of Alan Lee's pictures of Wagner.)

No, this is really it:


I can think of several pros and cons of the situation. What if you made it out of a fruit tree? Would you then be able to eat yourself out of house and home?

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Anonymous said...

I saw an hour TV show on the HD Science channel a couple of weeks ago covering futuristic housing. I am fan of modern architecture, but it ended up to be about 45 minutes of this futuristic tree house. It seems like a cool idea, but you would have to re-cover the house every 8 years or something. It seems like a very green idea, but think of all the bugs that would live in your walls. I'm not a big bug fan.