Sunday, September 28, 2008

Book Review: O2: Breathing New Life into Faith

So after attending Bethany Community Church for 12 years, I calculate that I've listened to Richard Dahlstrom for at least 400 hours of my life. So when he puts out his first book, I put in an order. Near the end, there's a decription of a week including a council meeting I'm sure I was at. But just around the corner from that, he quotes this blog! Specifically he quotes one of the many posts about Scott Becker from a year ago, when Scott passed away.

I was talking to my dentist the other day, who also is a member of Bethany, and let him know he's in the book, too (two times, in fact).

So it was nice to read, although I had heard 95% in another form previously. I can't really review it, it would be like reviewing a book by my brother or something. So I can just say, wow, that's really cool.

I can also say, I'm looking forward to the second book now, if there will indeed be a second book.

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