Monday, October 28, 2013

Book Review: On Writing by Stephen King (10th Anniversary Edition)

On a recent Facebook thread on books about writing, On Writing by Stephen King kept coming up. I agree -- it's the Fred Meyer of writing books, a one-stop shop for everything from getting ideas to getting an agent (with wonderfully specific advice on that last one that I may try out some day ... ). It is as much about Stephen King as it is about writing, and that's all right with me. The one mistake I made was starting it on an airplane after I had some sushi and we hit some turbulence. Some of King's formative experiences are vividly medical in nature and ... let's just say I put the book down for the rest of the flight and the rest of the summer. Then I came back to it and found a practical guide for the intuitive writer. Simple and effective advice. Worth the time.

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