Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Return, Rabbit, Return

I never thought I'd see the return of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as he is right now. For those who don't know this Trivial-Pursuit-level tidbit, Oswald was the first significant cartoon character Walt Disney came up with, but was essentially taken from him by a studio contract or something like that. Oswald shows up in the early days section of the Walt Disney Museum in the Presidio (trust me, the whole museum is very much worth it). Then Walt came up with Mickey. Cue the rest of the museum.

But now Oswald is returning to Disney with expanding roles in the Epic Mickey video game series, and he can be spotted on Buena Vista Street, California Adventure's new entry land, which recreates the California that Walt stepped into, suitcase in hand.

Which leads to the thing I really thought I'd never see, shown below. Who's the leader of the club not made for you or me? O-S-W-A-L-D:

More things to buy (or better yet, look at and enjoy but not buy) here.

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