Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Soda Temperance!

It's funny to think about it, but if root beer came about in part from the prohibition on real beer, then now we may need a temperance on root beer, due to its sticky, corn syrupy, calorie-adding mass. I don't trust soda every day, it's one of the reasons I switched to green tea for lunch, and I'm not regretting it. (In this case, a Lent giving up of soda turned into a longer-term temperance of soda!)

The quote that reminded me of this was in an article on how soda fountains are coming back:

“Soda should be special,” Mr. Nocito said. “Coke and Pepsi killed it for everyone, in my opinion.”* It seems that if you use fresh fruits and not mass-produced sludge to flavor sodas, you can make unique and even slightly healthy combinations. The problem is you have to go to a counter, you can't just grab a bottle off the shelf. Let me tell you, though, this is a good problem to have. It should be special, and there are benefits from having less of it!

Here is the article about the new-fangled (or should it be old-fangled?) soda shops and some of the flavors. I have a hankering for an egg cream and I've never even had one.

* However, I can attest to the power of a cold Coke on a hot summer day in the South. So we'll just say Pepsi killed it for everyone, OK?

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Deanna said...

Blame Pepsi! I'm all on board with that!

This is why I buy Thomas Kemper sodas - when it comes in a glass bottle, it does feel special and different, as opposed to a 2-liter bottle or a can. Though I am not opposed to buying the cheap stuff for the kids and giving it to them in small quantities.

And when you find someplace local that makes an egg cream, tell me, and then I will get JT to drink it. That boy needs calories and protein!