Monday, February 1, 2010

Weter Lecture Countdown

Since the lecture's tomorrow at 7:30pm I decided to run through the whole lecture today, in my office, talking to the wall. Time came out to be 65 minutes (and 20 seconds). I think that'll work. I recorded it so if I suddenly get stage fright I can just press play on the recording, right? Now just for last-minute tweaks.

On Saturday (really at the last minute) I remembered a speech I made in college for my parachurch group in which I played snippets of songs to reinforce points. Once that thought entered my mind I knew I had to do the same for the Weter Lecture: the seven stages are even CALLED the "Seven Songs" fer Pete's sake. So we have John Williams, Wagner, the Beatles, Sans-Saens, Mike Roe doing an old spiritual, Pink Floyd, and the Beach Boys to introduce each step.

When this is over it's back to normal, I guess, to take care of all the "normal" stuff I'm putting off right now. At first I was worried about getting done in time when the lecture was moved back to February -- but now I'm glad because it means it's done, and it's only February!

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Deanna said...

Which means that you can completely relax while watching the Super Bowl, right? I'll make beans!