Friday, May 30, 2008

Oliver Cromwell Sacked My Castle!

In today's "proof that you can find anything on the web," I give the following example: MacFarlane castle. Sure, we were a small, pugnacious clan, and nobody liked us, and we stole cows, but we had our own castle. That is, until Oliver Cromwell came and destroyed it in the 17th century.

(This is a picture of it in the 19th century, ruined as can be. Alas and alack.)

I'm sure there's more to the story, but I now know enough to take drastic action. I'm going to write a vicious "Letter to the Editor" about this. But the postage to Scotland is so expensive ... I'll compose a stinging e-mail instead.

Anybody know Oliver Cromwell's email addy?

For more information on MacFarlane castle:

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Deanna said...

According to, I am decended from the Stuart clan.

Which now means that you owe me both fealty and at least two centuries' worth of back taxes on that castle.