Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two Disconcerting Moments

So I've had two disconcerting moments in the past 24 hours:

1.) I was watching American Idol (half-watching while doing the crossword puzzle and helping Sam with Legoland on the computer), feeling a familiar spark of deja vu, and just like that I finally realized where that spark came from:
Jason Castro
looks like John Travolta

2.) On a more serious note, I was reading Obama's speech on race and his pastor (still thinking about it but I think it's very good from a first reading), and I was noting that not a lot of the negative detractors in the media fail to understand just how hard it would be to repudiate your own pastor, especially one who brought you to Jesus (however distorted some would argue that picture may be). This isn't like reversing your membership in the 4-H club, people.

Another weird thing is that I've just been reading through Jeremiah, and noted how his pessimistic outlook clashed with that of the optimistic false prophets and the powers that be. As I think about Rev. Wright's undoubtedly inflammatory and wrong statements, I also have to ask myself how I can tell a Jeremiah from a false "regime-booster" prophet. And then I'm looking at a blog today about the speech and notice that Rev. Wright's first name is Jeremiah. Like I said, weird.

Of course, all who are named Jeremiah are not Jeremiahs. But it takes me back a bit.

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