Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mr. Spock's Favorite Baseball Website

Fans of the original Star Trek will recall how Mr. Spock has the helpful habit of being able to calculate his odds of survival at odd moments during the episode. Now we have a baseball site that can do the same thing for your team, live. Here it is:


These are graphs of "Win Probability Added," updated live for every game in the league. What these do is they take the point where you are in every game (bottom of the fifth, one man on second, two outs, score 7-1 against the home team) and based on the history of recorded baseball it can tell you how many teams in that precise position won their game.

For instance, the Mariners are in that position right now, and they have a 4% chance of winning the game. It's like having Mr. Spock next to you telling you the chances of winning this game are 1 out of 25.

Oops, out of the fifth inning now with no change in score. Odds are now 1 out of 33 and dropping fast.

Therefore, I am currently blogging to the tune of American Idol.

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Deanna said...

Yes, being on top in the AL West was nice while it lasted... remind me WHY Weaver is worth $8 million again???