Friday, May 22, 2009


Thank you for your prayers, we're home from surgery and everything seems to be just fine. Now we just have to keep Aidan from picking at it.

I read somewhere this week that certain adversity is not as hard to take as uncertainty about adversity. I guess that's true -- the hardest part is the waiting for the (always a little late) surgery appointment to come around. I brought some reading but I couldn't do any heavy lifting mentally, even though this is a small deal medically. Letting him go to walk down the hall in that little green gown wasn't easy. When Aidan gets nervous, he gets real quiet, solemn and focused (a bit like me I guess). He focused on his VeggieTales videos that we scrounged up from across all the waiting rooms. The funny thing? This isn't the first time that one of the VeggieTales songs actually gave me a bit of comfort for grown-up problems (it's the one Larry the Cucumber hears when he's waiting in the Lion's Den if you're keeping score).

The most amazing thing? We saw two friends who work there while we were there and one family we know from church. One of the friends who work there we knew we would see, but I ran into her literally two steps into the building, and she was even able to show me where to check in. But the other friend was totally fluky. She's teaching at SPU now, and she only works at the hospital 4 hours a month, yet those were the four hours we were there for. On top of that? She was a nurse in our area, posted right outside our door. So we felt surrounded with friends. That's a good surprise.

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