Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So a situation is coming up Friday that by any rational measure I have no reason to worry about at all, yet my mind is not entirely rational and I'd like prayer for that situation. The thing is, Aidan was just signed up for very very minor surgery Friday to sew up his herniated umbilical (a BIG outie belly button). The thing I didn't know was that this requires general anesthesia. Having been through it myself and being familiar with the astronomically high odds of nothing going "wrong", I shouldn't have a problem with it at all, but there's this little part of me that is the same part that always says a little prayer during airplane takeoffs and landings, this part of me that knows that I'll be praying on Friday for Aidan and I'd like others to be praying too.

The point is, his herniated umbilical could get twisted some day and I worry about that, too, because that's bad news. So this is necessary, minor, quick, and routine. Regardless, I'd still like prayer. Thanks!


Deanna said...

Well, I think he'd rather not be awake for this!

After watching JT go through general anesthesia twice, I know how you feel. We will be praying, too.

PS - JT preferred graham crackers and apple juice post-surgery. Just an FYI - maybe Aidan would like the same.

PaulM4031 said...

We're praying for him too! Let us know how it goes! May God's perfect peace guard your heart and mind! Love ya brother! From Sara :)