Monday, July 28, 2008

Movie Review: Space Chimps

Don't laugh. Or, rather, do laugh, you will if you see this movie. It may not be worth it without a kid tagging along, but let me tell you, with two small easily frightened boys ... it's a good one. Every year one movie comes out of the assembly-line computer-animated studios that puts everything together especially well, well enough to be enjoyable and even a little too short. Last year that movie was Surf's Up and this year it's Space Chimps. Space Chimps is a little too glib on characterization, but it tackles its characters with such enthusiasm that you don't really mind. It's a little too fond of "chimp" puns, but it has really good ones. It has just enough physical comedy to keep Sam in stitches, and wasn't too scary for Aidan. And it has a GREAT visual 2001 reference for Dad. So it was worth a total of $25 for all of us to go to a matinee. At those prices, you want to research your investment, after all.

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