Friday, January 11, 2008

So I Really Say "Um" THAT MUCH?

I've started podcasting my biochemistry lectures publicly on iTunesU. They're broken up into chunks for easy downloading and listening, so my last two lectures show up as 7 files. Also, one is missing because I forgot to press record twice, but I'm learning as I go.

I'm also learning that I say "um" a surprising amount. Yipes! Um, I'm hoping, um, it's because I'm a little jittery knowing that I'm being recorded. And I need to enunciate more clearly. Um. But I'll keep working on my delivery and the rest of my lectures will be posted. It may be hard to follow because we don't have the slides I show posted, but feel free to try a little listening in.

If you want to hear about biochemistry (with a little bit of the rustling of my shirt), and hey, who doesn't?, go to the following link:

Note for family members: At about 16-17 minutes into the first lecture I describe our visit to the National Academy of Sciences a few weeks ago -- thought you might want to listen in!

Note to biologists: What a say near the end of podcast #7 is a joke. Really!

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trizbuff said...

Thanks for the tip man. These are better than bed time stories. I can't wait to utilize these to improve my sleep cycle. You know like the "big major cycle for how carbon and oxygen move around." Anyhow, I think that this is pretty cool. I wish that we had had this feature last year. Nothing like atteding class at home.