Sunday, January 27, 2008

Don't Call Me Bartman

This post's title has a double meaning for those with ears to hear, joining two otherwise disparate topics:

1.) Today during our pastor's sermon he mentioned a quote from a few seasons ago on the Simpsons, the episode "The Father, Son, and Holy Guest Star" (the third is Liam Neeson, who voiced an Irish priest). The episode is about Bart and Homer's attempts to convert to Catholicism and is one of my favorites. The operative line from the clip is "Our God can kick your God's butt!" Note for skeptics: the passage was used with irony.

Anyway, during the afternoon I found the clip, burned it to DVD, and Laurie got it to church where it was used for evening services. I'm sure Scott Becker is watching over all this with a laugh.

2.) I took my unlucky Mariners glasses out of the back of the cabinet and took a drink. I'm full aware this is risky behavior: something bad happens to the Mariners every time I use these glasses. The last time I used them Chris Snelling was injured (OK, he was no longer a Mariner, and he's always getting injured, but STILL!). I think I was using them the night Soriano got a concussion from a line drive to the right ear, and then traded for The Worst Pitcher in Baseball ... I think I was using them that day too. SO, I use the glass today, and the Adam-Jones-for-Eric Bedard trade went through, reported today, WHILE I WAS SIPPING MY DRINK.

I'm still hopeful that Bedard can actually turn out to be a very nifty addition to our team, but I really doubt that the price of Adam Jones' potential (and probably two others who may be very good as well) is worth it in the long run.

The glasses have spoken. I am now even more skeptical of the trade ... let's go M's ... ?


trizbuff said...

I don't know that I agree with your sceptisism. It seems to me that Eric Berdard is a pretty good player. I reserve judgement until we know the rest of the package. I would really like to see George, Jeff, and Brandon back, but is that too much to ask? Thanks for the email, too, I hadn't seen the headlines until you pointed it out to me.

I didn't get your email until a few minutes ago, so tomorrow's culture will be from the old plates. I'll transform MICA wt tomorrow and transfer the other strains to new plates. See you in the morn. BK

Deanna said...

Okay, okay, WE'RE SORRY we gave you those Mariners glasses for Christmas all those years ago!! Who knew they had such power? ;)