Friday, December 14, 2007

Mariners in the Crosswords

Today's New York Times crossword is usually pretty hard, but I was able to get started fast on this one thanks to the following clue in the upper right hand corner:

"6'5" All-Star relief ace with two identical first initials" (6 letters)

Yes, it's JJPUTZ, Seattle Mariners closer. Finally, he's getting some New York press!


Deanna said...

WOO-HOO!! Respect!!

trizbuff said...

There goes BenMc showing off his vocab, I know that I'm not smart enough to do crosswords. What do you think of HoRam's replacement? I know the USSM is decrying it as ludicracy and suicide, nay armageddan, but I don't think that its all that bad. With the market the way it is, it won't be long before we see all upper teir pitchers getting at least 20 mil a year. We'll see what else BB has to offer.

Anyhow, hope your enjoying your break. See you in January.