Monday, December 31, 2007

Four More Years

So getting the NIH to tell you whether they're giving you a grant or not is a very drawn-out process. I have a three-year renewal (which may be stretched to four if you can do it) pending for them right now. I turned it in back in June, heard my scores in October, got my written evaluation in November, and waited through December for Congress to authorize the NIH fiscal year 2008 budget. Then, finally, at last, right around Christmas, my grant status changed to "To Be Paid." I'm trying to figure out how this can't be really good news ... but I can't, so I think it means the grant will be funded, and I'll be able to do research for four more years. I'll probably put off any sabbatical until after it's over ... so I think the NIH gave my lab a Christmas present!


Patrick said...

woohoo! that means i will be extra productive this quarter!

trizbuff said...

yah, merry christmas to you/us... as for the extra productivity, that's really not going well right now for me. i'm in a funk right now and struggleing to get back into the groove. Oh well, the extra money can cover my mistakes ;). Congrats BenMc.