Monday, November 21, 2016

Book Review: Caliban's War

The Expanse continues to expand, although this time with a more focused story. Where Book 1 was a detective story, Book 2 is a search for a lost girl and a fight against super-soldiers (both in military and political arenas). I appreciate that the scientist character actually acts like a scientist, politically naïve but good for figuring new things out, and that the politician character solves problems like a politician should. There's even a minor chaplain character that makes more of a contribution than the religious characters in the previous book. My only complaint is that this plays like a "Monster of the Week" episode of the X-files, in that the underlying mythology of the alien technology is not much advanced, although there are some tantalizing hints. If you need a little realistic escapism each day, I highly recommend this series so far.

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