Friday, April 8, 2016

12 Colorful Rules that Shaped Our World now online

Here's the 12 lectures I put together a few months ago. Each one has a rule and corresponds to a chapter in A World from Dust, and has a DIY chemistry experiment:

DIY: Simulate Mono Lake in a bucket
DIY: Dye fabrics using sticky metals

DIY: Make colored birthday candles – and predict a plugged-in pickle’s color.
DIY: Making white lead pigment.

DIY: Making a glowing green flowing pattern from fluorescein (from highlighters).

DIY: Making a striped Winogradsky column (and finding explosive methane at the lower levels).

DIY: Purifying different pigments from different red plants in your kitchen.
DIY: Making indigo dye (with the help of oxygen) and removing stains.

DIY: Making edible spheres from calcium chemistry through “spherification.”
DIY: Two Rothkos for the price of one.

DIY: Make your own colored nanoparticles like found in stained glass.
DIY: Look at life from a new angle.

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unkleE said...

Excellent - most interesting for this complete layperson - thanks.