Thursday, April 24, 2014

Data on How Much Professors Work

Finally, someone is tracking how much and what professors do all day. Here's a graph for "How much do professors work each week"?
This fits with my experience. If anything, after becoming full prof I have worked more, not less. It's because I love doing what I do and the security of tenure actually gives me the chance to do it more.

(So ... maybe I shouldn't be so worried about the time crunch of becoming chair after all? Something tells me that bar may not be true for all institutions!)

The graph that subdivides each day shows that my experience is slightly different from others'. In my experience the teaching bar is more than 50% and the service bar is closer to 20-25%. But then again, the research bar and the teaching bar can blend together in some cases for me. The bottom line is, for a complex subject, this feels accurate to me:

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Daniel Phillips said...

I agree! I tell people that I had to work harder each time I was promoted. And yes, watching our Dept Chairs I find it difficult to believe that the workload drops. Although maybe it is because some Dept Chairs just give up trying to do any research?