Thursday, January 9, 2014

Heirloom Chemistry Set

If there's a word that's overused right now, it's "artisan." Its definition is so squishy it can be applied to any material, and if the material is shoddily made it may be considered more realistic and therefore more worthy of the label! But this item on Kickstarter is worthy of the word: an artisan's chemistry set.

Not only is the box sturdy and wooden, not only are the instruments and glassware simple, elegant, and thick, but each of the chemicals is homemade (ok, home-purified but you get the idea). The campaign was funded above and beyond the necessary, so now I'm caught outside the shop window wondering how I can get one of these for myself. What a great idea!

(The shop that the set-maker owns looks pretty incredible as well. I'll have to drop by if I'm in the area ... )

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