Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

A spoiler-free review in three run-on sentences (Not quite a haiku, but perhaps an extended one):

What it gets right: The technical realism of the engine room and the entire world, a few things going on the fritz leading to exciting sequences I've always wanted to see (and related to a particular favorite Calvin and Hobbes comic strip), the armor of a certain important adversarial race, Benedict Cumberbatch once he finally really gets going, and enough little jokes and plot twists to keep things going along (one of the hardest things for a Trek movie is to juggle the whole crew, and it's possible this one did a better job than the last of giving everyone something important to do).

What it gets wrong:  too little true cleverness, too little about the characters truly interacting (some scenes depend on an audience connection to the characters that just isn't there yet for me), too obvious at points (at least for this obsessive trailer-watcher and Trek fan), just this side of too much action (and I like the action), and that transwarp device is WAY too powerful.

In short: A smidgen too Star Wars-ish for a Star Trek movie, but I still loved the ride; in terms of the ride analogy, it's more Big Thunder Mountain Railroad than The Hulk Rollercoaster (no inversions, but nicely themed).

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Deanna said...

I'll probably watch it once it makes basic cable. ;)