Wednesday, March 20, 2013

They Don't Make Pyrex Like They Used To ...

I use Pyrex in both the lab and the kitchen, and always thought because the label was the same, that the kitchenware was the same as the labware. Alas, I was wrong.

In the 90's Corning changed the kitchen Pyrex recipe from borosilicate to soda lime silicate. So a pan that used to be able to handle a 300 degree F shift in temperature can now only handle 100 degrees F. Lab Pyrex is still borosilicate, although I still hold my breath when pouring something very hot, just by reflex, and the upcoming video only enhanced that reflex.

The silver lining is that Consumer Reports made a nice video showing just how shattering the oven-to-freezer move can be now. There's always a certain thrill to watching stuff blow up (especially if there's a safety shield between you and the explosion):

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