Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Mystery of Re-Purposed Trees

Imagine a quiet library day. You're studying away amongst the stacks, with only the occasional figure browsing in your peripheral vision. Then you look up at the next table over, which had been empty just a minute ago, and you see this:

No author's signature or credit taken, just a paper sculpture and a Twitter address. Soon other miniature sculptures are popping up, perpetrators unseen, in other places around the city, all made from books, all exquisitely detailed, and all part of a large mystery of who would do this and why. Ten sculptures waiting to be found.

Read the whole story here. And then part II here. Like they say, almost impossible to imagine this happening in America (and without someone making money off it as a viral campaign for an energy drink or something). Clandestine art as gratitude. A still small voice.

So keep your eyes open -- you never know when this might happen to you.

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