Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Van Gogh Painting Hidden in the Sun's Corona

Quick question: Is the sun solid, liquid, or gas? I know, trick question ... it's none of the above, mostly being composed of plasma, a fourth state of matter beyond the typical three terrestrial states. Being its own unique state of matter, scientists are going to study it, and even something as simple as watching it heat up and cool down can yield unusual beauty.

Here's a picture of how the temperature of the sun's plasma changes:

Here's a video of how they did it:

And here's links to previous entries on the blog about how an islandthe ocean and dominoes can look like Van Goghs, with various degrees of intentionality. Apparently since this is the fourth post on this kind of things, I need to create a category for "Van Gogh" in my labels section.

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