Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rods, Cones, and Seeing More Colors

Excellent essay ("Spiritual perception and the science of color") found here. Informed by both science and faith -- I don't want to say "integrating" because I believe they're already integrated, we just have to look for it. Here's the first paragraph:

During a recent episode of "Radiolab" exploring the science of color, the hosts hooked me with this early question: “Is the light without or is the light within?” A scientist on the show figured it was both (and surely the Kingdom of God is both within us and around us).

The program was all about color perception and how it varies for different species (and people). Dogs are bi-chromates, meaning their eyes have two cones enabling them to see blue/yellow and black/white, while most humans are tri-chromates, enabling us to see many more colors. Some butterflies have five cones and can see an even broader range. The mantis shrimp, amazingly, has sixteen cones! If all these different species might be looking at the same thing, some would see more colors than others, who, “though seeing, they do not see.”

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