Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Review: Special Exits

I've been in journal-reading mode lately, but I did find time to read this graphic novel from the library about a woman taking care of her two aging, independent but dying parents. It's told with enough versimilitude that I thought it was autobiographical, yet I can't find any confirmation that it was. Whatever its state of fiction, it's a powerfully realistic tale about death, not sentimental or really anything other than a straightforward account of what it's like to go through nursing homes and hospice and home care. The characters are vivid -- the older couple is immediately likable and shows distinct personality that alone is worth the read. The other nice thing about graphic novels is they only take an hour or two to read, so I recommend this in place of a movie -- it's probably a richer experience and shows something most everyone's going to have to live through multiple ways: first as the daughter caretaker, second as the older couple. Dona nobis pacem.

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