Monday, June 7, 2010

New Production of The Ring Cycle

This article is mostly about the new production of the Ring Cycle at The Met, but I instantly am drawn to the moving planks that provide the sets. The video "trailer" in the middle of the article is really amazing (and only about a minute long).

Have I gone off the deep end enough as a Wagner fan that I would fly to New York for this? (Well, this and also to see the play "Red" about Mark Rothko ... ) I know Laurie would enjoy it but what to do with the children? If we brought them along for all 18 hours of operas, they might become SO weird that they end up normal again. It ... just ... might ... work!

OK, so I'll probably have to settle for watching the trailer on the 2-by-3-inch square on my screen repeatedly. It's probably better to have my imagination fill in the rest anyway!

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