Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Does Reason Know What It Is Missing?

Stanley Fish's New York Times blog is remarkable: he's a Milton scholar, outspoken on current topics (outspoken enough to get a blog on the NYT site), and he's an academic struggling with faith and reason from the secular side. I know that he's friends with the theologian Stanley Hauerwas, his Duke colleague, and I wonder how much that and his Milton scholarship make him hospitable to the contributions of faith to public life. His latest blog about Jurgen Habermas is one of the best. Habermas's argument has echoes of Stephen Jay Gould's non-overlapping magesteria. It's interesting how when the topic moves to reason accommodating faith that different challenges are set up; I think both Habermas and Gould ran into this problem. Still, I'd much rather have that debate with Habermas/Gould than what currently passes for debate with a stark, dogmatic popular atheism:


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