Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tea Notes

Just some bullet points:

-- Lipton Black Label Tea is actually Not Bad. Not fabulous either, but it might be better than my standard cheap black teas.

-- Teavana's Dao Ren is the king of green teas. They say it's grown in a fruit orchard to take up fruit scents. I think it's grown in a poppy field which may explain its addictive nature. Of course, they're running out of it soon ...

-- Teavana doesn't stock unflavored Rooibos anymore. This wouldn't be a big deal except I just figured out how to make a tea latte that taste just like the Starbucks Rooibos Vanilla from Rooibos + vanilla syrup + half and half AND it's caffeine free. Republic of Tea and Twinings both make OK Rooibos but I want loose leaf whole leaves!!!

-- Got a Dragonwell from the tea festival that looks like little flat green rosemary leaves. It's very good (better be 'cause it's expensive), and it's quite novel to be steeping actual leaves rather than curled up things.

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