Saturday, August 29, 2009

Book Blurbs

Well, mostly placeholders to remind me that I read these when I look back on the year. All three will be cited in my lecture, I'll tell you that.

Echoes of Life: A book on biomarkers and geology that tries to tell the personal stories behind the scientific stories but is too technical for the normal reader. Which is too bad, because this is fascinating stuff and great examples of chemical reasoning. The problem is the author is a novelist who used to be a grad student in the area. So while it's well written and precisely written, it is not clearly written. Nonetheless it is the perfect book for me at this point, I just hope it sells more than the one copy I got through interlibrary loan ...

State of the University by Stanley Hauerwas: I think I can actually "read" Hauerwas in real time now. Always challenging, and now I'm beginning to see the solid Scriptural basis to many of his arguments I have a harder time disagreeing with him. Reminds me of Scott -- WWSD? And once in a while laugh out loud funny. That reminds me of Scott too.

The third book deserves a "real" review post of its own, it's that important. More on that to come.

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