Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So I Think I'm Tired Now ...

Last night Laurie (who's pregnant with our third child) had relatively mild but regular and frequent contractions. We brought someone over for the kids, Laurie's mom took off work for the next day and came with us, Mary brought her camera, etc. etc., and then ... we got to the hospital and nothing was really progressing. Two hours of "sleep" later and, still no change, ten hours later (now), still no change, although the contractions keep going on like distant thunder in the background.

So I'm moving a little slowly today, but this is just warm-up for the main event. I don't deal with uncertainty well, I like to schedule things. But they won't let me prescribe Pitocin, even though I AM a doctor ... well, not an M.D., but doesn't grad school count for something??

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