Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Book Not Reviews: Acts Reading

So I've tried to at least put up a paragraph or two for every book I've read, mostly for myself, to keep a record of what I read over the year (and out of curiousity to go back sometime and count up how many and what kind of books I read!).

With this Acts class I've been reading out of several books, and I'm just going to put them down without review to say, these books were read. Consider this the class bibliography!

The Acts of the Apostles, by I.H. Marshall
Called to be Church: The Book of Acts for a New Day, by Anthony B. Robinson and Robert W. Wall
The New Interpreter's Bible Commentary on Acts by Rob Wall
Acts for Everyone by N.T. Wright, Parts 1 and 2

Other books were valuble references, but these 5 were the ones I read pretty much cover to cover, so I can add them to my year-end books-read tally!

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