Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Designing Proteins" Talk Online

So the ASA convention in Oregon kept me busy and away from my family all weekend. I got to present my research along with some of its theological implications. Met a lot of very interesting people from all over, all scientists and Christians. I may blog more about the goings-on of the weekend in a day or so, but for now I noticed the web implementation of the conference is very very fast, and the mp3 of my talk titled "Designing Proteins: The Creative Potential of Enthalpy and Entropy" is already up. If you'd like to listen in here it is:


Fast-forward past the first few minutes where they recorded the audio as I struggled to juggle laptops and VGA connections. I'm not sure how much sense the talk will make without the pictures ... or even with the pictures! The Q&A was fun too. (Sorry I was too nervous to remember to repeat the questions for the mike!) All talks are online, which is great because I can go back and listen to the talks I wasn't able to hear because often three talks are going on at once (or you're having a great conversation with someone over a meal and ... well all of the sudden the talks have been going on for half an hour already!).

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