Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hey Batter Batter ... Don't Swing!

Lookout Landing (Mariners blog) posted this picture of last night's final at-bat in the Mariners game, Yuniesky Betancourt vs. Frankie "The-White-Stuff-Under-The-Bill-of-my-Cap-is-just-a-Fashion-Statment" Rodriguez. Amazingly enough, he didn't swing at pitch 1, which was called a ball. Then the next three IDENTICAL pitches were swung at, ending the game with a strikeout in a one-run loss. He would have been better off just standing there.

The scary part? This guy's one of our BETTER hitters this year. How bad is it this year? I cheer when the Mariners DON'T swing. (I actually saw Richie Sexson take a walk in a critical situation once. That was cool.)

The great thing about baseball is that even when your team is historically bad you can still analyze precisely how historically bad they are.


Deanna said...

When the rally ended one run short last night, I shrugged and said, "Well, that's it."

How sad is that??

On the plus side, another great stint in long relief for Dickey! On the bad side... does Laurie know enough French taunts to yell at Bedard?

lauriemc said...

I'll do some research. My French swearing is limited to bathroom words.

trizbuff said...

So, the m's are pretty much horrible. I'm all for blowing the thing up and starting over. At least it may be fun to watch the kids play, but maybe not.

Ship out ichiro, bedard, beltre, and anyone else you can, save for felix. too bad JJ's hurt because I think he'd get some attention. We'll see. So that's my take. Firesale, because they kids can't do worse.