Monday, April 14, 2008

The Haul from the Latest Library Book Sale

Because we had tickets to the (excellent) baseball game Friday night we had to skip the member's preview night for the Seattle Library Book Sale out at Sand Point. So instead after church we packed up and headed out there for half-price day. Generally the tables are getting bare and the pickins slim by this point, but this year ... this year I got everything I wanted and then some.

Here's a partial list:
4-box set of Wagner's Ring Cycle on vinyl with libretto, notes, and a three-disc introduction to the various musical motifs. It even looks nice in the family room! Already listed to Das Rheingold last night and it's gooood.
3-LP set of Bach's St. Matthew Passion
3-LP set of Prokofiev piano music including "music for children"
Two guidebooks on London, one with a map.
Lots of Boxcar children paperbacks for Sam.
One Steve Birnbaum 2007 Disneyland guide for Aidan.

The only thing I didn't find was a good book on Perl, and I don't really need that so long as I can borrow Eric's. (Thanks, Eric ...)

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